Fashion Switch- Being a Punch Girl

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One of the best things about being a Punch girl is the ability and desire to change your style or as we have dubbed “fashion switch”. The beauty of our collection in the store is that from day to day your style can change. One day you may wear a Jude Connally dress for ease and comfort while the next day wearing a conservative Theory suit for meetings and over the weekend why not sport a printed Alice & Trixie dress or a Jumpsuit! Almost every punch girl owns a “Ruana”. A ruana is essentially a poncho. They can come with fringe, ruffles or neither. The value in owning this piece is your wardrobe is endless. They compliment a casual t-shirt and jeans or amp up the elegance over a fitted dress. Not to mention, a ruana is the PERFECT gift. It is one size and looks fabulous on all body types. Pictured here in the camel ruffle style.

Our owner has searche dhigh and low, year after year, to discover the most FLATTERING jean! After much deliberation, we all agree that the best jean we can bring to you is AG Jeans. There is a cut & style for each and every body type. The best thing about AG Jeans is that they keep their shape, even after wearing all day. The pocket size on the butt is ideal as it is not too big but centered perfectly to give your tush a little the most flattering angle!

Whether you are looking for a black tie event or casual fall attire you are bound to find options here. We love getting you out of your box while continuously adding to your fashion comfort zone. Fashion is much more than just material goods, a woman's confidence comes from within and it all starts with how good we feel when we look in the mirror!
The definition of fashion to a Punch girl is: A outward artistic expression of how we feel that day, while keeping you guessing about what our wardrobe could bring tomorrow.



The Punch Posse



                                                         This collage encompasses all the different looks a Punch girl exhibits!

                                                 Jude Connally, Milly, AG Jeans, Minnie Rose ruana, Mara Hoffman, GigiNY, Julie Vos

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